Ultra-FleX Point of Use Manifolds

Providing the ultimate flexibility where you need it most

The bottom of every single drop line in a compressed air/inert gas system is the most critical point to all users. Having the ability to use the air/gas supply in a safe and productive way is of the upmost importance in today’s workplace.

The Ultra-FleX manifold provides total point of use capability from a single component. Not only does the Ultra-FleX provide incredible flexibility but also eliminates the multiple connections that usually leak and add to the substantial cost of running a compressed air or gas system.

Ultra-FleX manifolds are the first and only total solution for simple, safe and flexible point of use control.


  • Inlet connections in ½” or ¾”
  • 4 x ½” NPT female outlet connections
  • Outlet ports ergonomically positioned to allow easy insertion/removal of quick couplers
  • ½” base drain port capability for simple removal of condensate
  • Strong one piece component with adjustable mounting bracket
  • Multiple add on options providing unparalleled point of use flexibility
  • One component – providing every solution for point of use application
  • Made in high grade marine aluminum
  • Anodized for ultimate corrosion resistance


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