Oil Water Separators

The OptiClean system has been designed to provide theOpticlean most cost effective means of removing virtually all hydrocarbons through an active filtration process. This approach uses a molecular sieve that removes the hydrocarbons from the condensate stream. Utilizing a natural substrate that is modified to create an ionic charge, the system attracts the hydrocarbons to active sites and bonds the hydrocarbons to the natural substrate. This helps achieve a higher utilization of the media, providing an industry leading capacitance.  When properly sized and installed, OptiClean can reduce the contaminants in your compressor condensate to less than 10 ppm, for the life of the unit!

OptiClean Feature and Benefits

  • Advanced molecular filtration
  • Internal decompression chamber
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Sleek design with minimal footprint
  • Industry leading capacitance
  • Laboratory tested, field proven results
  • Can reduce contaminants to less than 10 ppm for life of product
  • Maintenance free life cycle


The Opticlean brochure is available on our Downloads page