Lockable Exhausting Valves

OSHA compliant lockable exhausting ball valves

These manually operated valves can be used to prevent accidents caused by residual pressure in pneumatic lines. Available up to 1” connection, when in the exhaust position the valve can be padlocked. This secured system prevents accidental start-up of the system while personnel are cleaning or servicing equipment.The OSHA standard (Occupational Safety & Heath Administration Department of Labor) requires energy sources for certain equipment be turned off or disconnected and that the device either be locked or labeled with a warning tag.IV Features & Benefits

  • Port sizes; 1/2″, 3/4″  and 1”
  • Unit is lockable in the exhaust position
  • Optional mufflers available
  • Modular connectivity to Infinity water removers (WR series)
  • Verify supply/exhaust status at a glance through indicator window


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