Infinity Drain Valves and Zero Loss Drains

Infinity Drain Valve – Outstanding value, high quality drain valves

The Infinity Drain Valve (IDV) is the most economical and efficient method of draining condensate from compressed air systems. Removal of condensate from your system is a critical maintenance requirement. Failure to carryout regular draining of condensate will result in serious disruption to production, deterioration in product quality and damage to sensitive pneumatic equipment. The IDV eliminates the risk of human error and guarantees regular/controlled un-interrupted drainage of your system.

  • Simple to operate
  • Minimal Maintenance/easy clean strainer
  • Low power consumption
  • Long trouble free life
  • Power indicator
  • Complete with isolation ball valve and filter/strainer
  • 10ft power cord with standard plug
  • Strainer 1/2″npt male threaded
  • CE, CSA, cULus approved
  • All valves with 4mm orifice

Zero Loss Drains – Outstanding value, high quality drain valves

The ZLD range of zero loss drains provides the most cost effective way of draining moisture from your compressed air system. ZLD drains are the only valve in its class that has a built in particulate strainer to prevent the discharge valve from ever getting blocked from particle contamination. High quality state of the art electronics allow for local and remote monitoring of drain functionality.

  • Dependable condensate removal
  • Maintenance free level sensors
  • Stainless steel internal strainer
  • State of the art electronics with local and remote monitoring capabilities
  • Intelligent fail safe operating functionality
  • Compact design for easy installation


                                  Principles of Operation

When the condensate level reaches the high
level sensor, the solenoid valve is activated and
the condensate discharged.
As the level of condensate reduces,
it reaches the low level sensor, which
signals the valve to close – no air is lost.


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