Condensate Catcher

When a bucket just won’t do….

A point of use solution designed to capture condensate from in-line filtration and drains. The collection and disposal of compressor condensate has always been a challenge to compressor users. AST now provides a simple solution that can be attached to downstream filters and drains. The system includes an exhausting vent to prevent pressurization of the container during valve evacuation, as well as a diffuser to disperse condensate evenly to the sides of the container after entry.

EPA compliance at a realistic price!

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated diffuser/cap design
  • Exhausting vent to avoid container pressurization
  • 10 foot supply tube
  • 1 gallon containment unit
  • 3 inlet side connectors (1/8”, 1/4” and 1/2”)
  • Translucent container for easy liquid level visibility


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