Updated Quick Reference Flyer

We have updated our Infinity quad-fold flyer to include the double outlet elbow and our current bracket offering. Hard copies of the new issue are available for shipping, and a PDF version is available in the Downloads section.  This new issue, Issue 7 replaces Issue 6 from January 2012.  This flyer serves as a great reference for part numbers and pictures. 

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Updated Infinity Brochure

We have recently updated our Infinity Master brochure to include our current bracket offering.  We have three types of brackets: the nylon strut brackets, metal teardrop brackets and our new wall brackets.  The wall brackets now incorporate a spacer, for more clearance from the wall.  The spacer can be simply cut off if you do not need it.  An electronic version of the brochure is available on our Downloads page.  Please contact us with any questions.

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New Case Study Added

We have recently added a new case study to the Case Study Page, for Sparton Defense. We are constantly adding and updating the case studies, not only to showcase installations, but to show all the different applications our products can be used for. Read the case study here.

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Powermizer 1000 Redesigned and Upgraded

We recently redesigned the Powermizer 1000 to make it more compact, accurate and reliable. The new design makes it easier to read and set the desired pressure. It is also much less susceptible to failure from contamination.

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PVC Explodes at Factory

Anyone with experience in compressed air knows how dangerous it is to use PVC for compressed air. People use PVC as a cheap alternative to other piping systems, not realizing how hazardous it truly is. Accidents like this are very common and can easily be avoided. Read the article here.

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Infinity Pocket Guide Updated

The quad-fold Infinity Pocket Guide has been reprinted with some updates. The new issue number is 6 and the piece is dated January 2012. To download a copy from the website, please click here and register for downloads or fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website to request hard copies.

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AST launches ‘Condensate Catcher’

The condensate catcher overcomes one of industry’s age old needs; the ability to cost effectively capture and contain condensate released from downstream filtration and drain valves. The key to the system are a diffuser at the inlet cap to the unit, which disperses air and condensate to the sides of the container, while an integrated exhausting vent allows any compressed air to release from the unit to avoid pressurization. For more information click here.

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DRI system product launch

AST is proud to announce the launch of the new DRI system of point of use accessories. The range includes lockable exhausting valves, water removers and 4 point manifolds. The lockable ball valve (IV unit) is available in sizes ½”, ¾” and 1” and provides OSHA compliance on isolation of downstream power sources, with a base port exhaust and optional muffler. An in-handle display window shows when the unit is in the supply or exhaust position and the unit has two locking points when the handle is turned to the exhaust position. For more information click here.

The Infinity Water Remover (WR unit) provides a cost effective alternative for in-line water removal. With sizes from ½” through 2” and flows from 53cfm to 424cfm these aluminum bodied units incorporate a sight glass for fluid visibility and an automatic N.O. style float drain. For more information click here.

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AST warehouse expansion

AST has completed it’s second expansion in 12 months with a further doubling of our warehousing capability and addition of further office space. The new warehousing space in Huntersville, NC will be used to support inventory increases in the Infinity and Elevation lines and assembly space for the launch of DRI and Condensate Catcher ranges.

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70mm Elevation featured in CABP magazine

The new Elevation 70mm bore size has attracted industry attention by showing up in the lastest edition of ‘Compressed Air Best Practices’ magazine. To view the editorial please click here. To visit Compressed Air Best Practice’s website please click here

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