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Powermizer 1000 Redesigned and Upgraded

We recently redesigned the Powermizer 1000 to make it more compact, accurate and reliable. The new design makes it easier to read and set the desired pressure. It is also much less susceptible to failure from contamination.

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AST launches ‘Condensate Catcher’

The condensate catcher overcomes one of industry’s age old needs; the ability to cost effectively capture and contain condensate released from downstream filtration and drain valves. The key to the system are a diffuser at the inlet cap to the unit, which disperses air and condensate to the sides of the container, while an integrated …

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DRI system product launch

AST is proud to announce the launch of the new DRI system of point of use accessories. The range includes lockable exhausting valves, water removers and 4 point manifolds. The lockable ball valve (IV unit) is available in sizes ½”, ¾” and 1” and provides OSHA compliance on isolation of downstream power sources, with a …

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Manifold product line expansion

To enhance the flexibility of our manifold range we are making a couple of changes to the line with immediate effect. The first change is the inclusion of a mounting bracket and screws that allow for slide ‘positioning’ of the manifold on the bracket. In addition each manifold will now be shipped with a single …

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