DRI system product launch

AST is proud to announce the launch of the new DRI system of point of use accessories. The range includes lockable exhausting valves, water removers and 4 point manifolds. The lockable ball valve (IV unit) is available in sizes ½”, ¾” and 1” and provides OSHA compliance on isolation of downstream power sources, with a base port exhaust and optional muffler. An in-handle display window shows when the unit is in the supply or exhaust position and the unit has two locking points when the handle is turned to the exhaust position. For more information click here.

The Infinity Water Remover (WR unit) provides a cost effective alternative for in-line water removal. With sizes from ½” through 2” and flows from 53cfm to 424cfm these aluminum bodied units incorporate a sight glass for fluid visibility and an automatic N.O. style float drain. For more information click here.

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